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vintage Halloween LIGHT STRIPE jack o lantern 1940's German jol pumpkin

This seller has long been a thorn in my side for flogging a line of JOLs, including this one, that he claims were made in the 30s/40s and I maintain were made perhaps as recently as yesterday, In my opinion, these have decorative value only and do not belong in any vintage collection. These first began appearing at the Atlantic City antiques show in the mid-1990s. The typical story heard about these soul-less items when a seller is pressed is that a cache of these were found in an abandoned warehouse in what was East Germany. Please... Everything the Germans actually made prior and immediately after WWII was meant for export. The Germans needed the capital and had no use for these kinds of decorations as they didn't celebrate Halloween. (Know your history...) I have heard the tale of these "warehouse finds" so often and for so long that, if true, the warehouse has to be bigger than the one seen at the very end of the first Indiana Jones film. Don't be fooled. If you wish to add to your vintage Halloween collection, buy vintage items.