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Not Much On Ebay

As one would expect, now that Halloween is over the number and quality of the listings have lessened on Ebay. Although there are a few good things listed, by and large the category is stuffed with junk. I noticed that the "Pick-A-Pumpkin" Halloween fortune game went unsold even though the seller listed it at $2000 as a Buy-It-Now AND allowed Best Offers to be submitted. There apparently were three offers submitted, but to no avail. Given the relatively large quantities of these games found earlier this year, I think fair market value for them hovers around $1,000. This valuation will probably remain static for the foreseeable future. 

Addendum as of 11/26: The same seller referenced above has once again offered a "Pick-A-Pumpkin" Halloween fortune game for sale on Ebay with a Buy-It-Now/Best Offer option starting at $2,000. Once again it has languished, this time with no offers submitted as of this writing. With the large mint quantities (with envelope) recently found of this item, prices have understandably plummeted. I still  feel a fair market value for this game is around $1,000 - a valuation that should remain static for the foreseeable future.