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Lot - Antique Germany Halloween Masks, Umbrella, Hat, Glasses, Noisemaker, etc.

The star of this lot, such as it is, is the umbrella, made in Germany during the 1920s. These umbrellas were made from the same thin paper the Germans used for their hats, so few have survived intact. When these surface, there are nearly always substantial condition issues. The last one in reasonably acceptable condition surfaced several years ago and sold for nearly $1000. I have not been interested in adding one to the collection as the mere act of opening and closing the umbrella causes damage. The rest of the lot isn't compelling. 

RARE Vintage Halloween Tin Tambourine - WITCH w UMBRELLA & BLACK CAT

This listing illustrates the importance of condition when pricing an object. The seller has placed a BIN price of $300 on this tin tambourine, far above sustainable guide value of $145. If the item was in mint condition, I could better understand the desire for the seller to dream a little bit in hoping to find a buyer at that price. However, given the poor condition: metal creasing, denting, missing paint, significant edge wear - no collector should be interested in this object unless it was priced well below guide value. 
The Relative Scarcity Index number for this item in my 2014 third edition is 3, a significant change from the 2 assigned in my 2007 edition. This change indicates this tambourine is now more commonly seen.