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One Vintage Halloween ROSEN 50s TRIX OR TREATS sucker card MINT unused condition

Rosen made three distinct sets of their Trix or Treats cards. Set A consists of six cards, while Sets B and C consist of five cards. This is a card from Set B, the best of the three sets, produced during the late 1940s into the early 1950s. The RSIN for any one from this set is 3 and guide value is $70. Turn to pages 90-91 to see all cards from all sets. 

Early Never Used Halloween Trix Or Treats Skelton-Pumpkin Sucker/Lollipop Holder

I am glad to see Trix or Treats cards from Set B continue to bring sustainable prices. The seller mischaracterizes the manufacturing time lines. The first set Rosen issued was Set A, comprised of six designs. These are larger, more colorful cards and were issued in the 1930s. Set B, from which this card comes, was released beginning in the later 1940s. As with Set C, issued in the early 1950s, five designs comprise a full set. By and large, although cards from Set C are more difficult to find, cards from Set B typically fetch the most money. A full accounting of these sets can be found on pages 90-92. 

Vintage Halloween E.Rosen Sucker Holder Card # 5 c1950's

This is one of five cards comprising a complete set of what I call "Set B" made by Rosen in the late 1940s-early 1950s. All of the cards from this set are desirable and somewhat hard to find. Arguably, the best card is the one showing dancing skeletons, but this card is quite appealing in its own way. All cards from all sets can be seen on pages 90-92. 

09/20 Update: This sold for a strong $103.51. 

Vintage HALLOWEEN Sucker Holder E. Rosen Black Cat on Fence

I am surprised to see this seller offering this remnant without making clear in his listing that this is merely the upper half of a Rosen Trix or Treats sucker holder card. Describing it as unused with light wear doesn't make sense. Look at the photo of an entire card on page 90. You can see where some person clipped along the rise of the Trix or Treats boxed logo. 

This is merely a remnant and therefore has zero collectible value. I am hoping ddavidd will cancel the bids on this and his similarly damaged cards and pull the auctions. (Shaking my head...)