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Volland, a clever manufacturer with typically understated designs, is sadly unheralded today. This tally is simple yet compelling. Not only is it a straightforward JOL, but in a very small form factor all four card suits have been subtly worked into the overall design - without seeming forced or god-forbid, cutesy. Volland's output wasn't too large. They merged with Gerlach Barklow in 1924, moving their operations from Chicago to Joliet. They were kaput by 1933. 

Vintage/Antique Halloween 1920's Two-Piece Tally Card Beistle Bat

The seller doesn't provide measurements, but this looks to be the earliest iteration of these long-produced Beistle tally cards, and so it should measure 4.25" h x 2.5" w. As I write on page 218, "The actual tally is a card separate from the decorative top card. All sets are held together by their original pink strings. Beistle issued and reissued these items in various packaging for many seasons. The later iterations are taller and not as wide. I am assigning a Relative Scarcity Index number of '3' to this particular set as the older iterations are more difficult to find than their later counterparts." 

Early vtg Halloween round TAlly Card Witch on Broom Black Cat HBC artist RARE

The initials on this tally card are actually HBG, with the G standing for Griggs. Nothing is known about H.B. Griggs, not even whether the artist was male or female. However, the artist's work is quirky and widely collected. This very same tally is shown on page 219. As an aside, the tally shown here is not stained. It appears to be in perfect condition.  

09/22 Update: And it fetched a strong $53.00!