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One of these rare games produced by Whitney during the 1920s last surfaced in July of 2014 and brought $318, so I feel this buyer got a good deal. I've seen one poor reproduction of this game offered for sale wherein the reverse was completely blank. So, be vigilant. If one pops up for sale, ensure that you check that the fortunes are printed on the reverse. 

Vintage Halloween Spinner Party Game, Ex Cond.

This is a tiny game that I've never seen before. (I missed this listing as I've been so busy lately, else I would have attempted to have it be part of the collection.) This was certainly made by Whitney in the 1920s. Given its diminutive size, it may have been used as a place setting at a long-ago party. I like the whimsical nature of the design, the expression on the young witch's face and the cat's expression. He seems to be thinking, Feed my already, hag! The buyer got a solid bargain.
This is the time of the year when bargains abound on eBay. Sellers make the mistake of thinking October is the best time to sell vintage Halloween items. Wrong! So many people think that, that the listings explode and the average price drifts inexorably downward. I feel the best time to sell is April through June, with September and October being the best time to buy. 

Vintage Halloween Fortune Teller Spinner Game

It's great to see such an exceedingly rare item surface on Ebay, especially one in this condition. This Here's Your Fate game was made by Whitney in the 1920s. (Please turn to page 24 to see the game in my third edition.) Measuring 10" h x 7.75" w, this game has been assigned a "1" on my Relative Scarcity Index, which means you may never see another one of these surface for sale. Prior to purchasing the one in the collection about 18 months ago, I had never known this densely detailed game existed. Don't let this item escape your grasp!

07/28 Update: I was pleasantly surprised to see that this superb game fetched well over book value, bringing $318. Congrats!