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Dennison injected their designs with energy and whimsy as sales plummeted during the early 1930s. Today, discerning collectors avidly pursue these diminutive treasures produced in relatively low numbers. This happens to be one of my favorite of Dennison’s slide boxes. I lament that this example being offered isn’t in better condition. Collectors regularly ask whether it is key to have a slide box complete with its contents. I strive to buy the best I can, so my answer is the more complete the contents and the better the condition the easier the decision to buy becomes.

09/25 Update: Condition is paramount. This only brought $89.

Complete Set 6 Dennison Owl Cut-Out Vintage Halloween Decorations with Box, 1923

Dennison is rightly best known for the myriad of superbly designed boxed sets of seals, cut-outs, illuminated silhouettes and the like they produced from about 1913 through the 1960s. (The best of their production happened from about 1916 through 1930.) Some of their slide boxes are difficult to find while others more steadily become available. As this fine seller states, complete near-mint or better boxed sets are becoming harder to find. This particular set tends to be seen more than others and the guide value reflects this. These typically trade for $95. 

Vntg NMIP Dennison Halloween Decorations Seals Weird Guy

Of all the many and varied genres of vintage Halloween memorabilia, Dennison slide box goods are near the top of the list. Something happened at Dennison during 1930-31. Some senior person must have decided to fairly radically alter their designs, injecting an Art Deco look to most of their new slide box goods, diecuts, etc. This change in style was fairly short-lived, perhaps due to a decline in sales. Who knows? What I do know is that by 1933 all of these designs were scrapped. Today Dennison goods from this narrow window are instantly recognizable and quite coveted.