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Vtg 1920s 1930s Jolly Halloween Die Cut Party PLACE CARDS Bats Cats Cauldron

I'd not seen this awesome place card design prior to this listing. There doesn't appear to be a maker's mark. I know the manufacturer isn't Beistle, Dennison or Whitney and suspect that it isn't Gibson. Maybe Volland or Henderson Line? What I do know is that I like the design very much. If the buyer is a reader, know that I'd love to buy one!

03/08 Update: Thankfully, the buyer is a reader and will offer one to me once the lot is received. Thanks!

Group of 6 Different Antique Halloween Placards with Moon and Black Cat

This well-designed complete set of six place cards was made by Whitney during the 1930s. I have long appreciated the differences in each one of the six including the different expressions of the moon. In order to make it easy for each to stand on a table, the sides of each card bend inward - a nice touch. This set used to surface more regularly than now. It is a tough set to find with no extraneous markings or missing pieces. Sustainable guide value is $185 for the set. 

01/17 Update: The set brought $227.50, a nearly 23% premium to SGV. One hasn't surfaced in some time, so if another were to come up for sale in the same condition, I would expect the price to normalize to the $185 SGV. 

Vintage Halloween Party Hats Set Of 8

This was interesting in that I hadn't seen it before. I wonder what it would have fetched if the seller hadn't offered it up as a BIN? I agree with the seller that it looks to be from the 1950s. Beistle's artistry was by this time a pale shadow of what it had been in their Golden Age of the 1920s and 1930s. This set's designs aren't too memorable compared to the fantastic, wildly imaginative Beistle hats shown on pages 237-241. (For instance, look at the "New Moon" hats on page 239. Wow!)