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large 15 inch German Halloween embossed BLACK jack o lantern saxophone die-cut

The ending price for this diecut was much higher than I would have expected. Although this is a diecut made for one season (1934 or 1935) and shipped only to eastern Canada, the sustainable price for one in near-mint or better condition is $650. The condition of this item is decidedly below near mint mainly due to its washed-out coloration. Collectors, have patience when a rare item comes available. Buy only the best, then limit yourself to a reasonable expenditure. 

Vtg Die-Cut Black Americana Musician JOL Halloween Decoration 15.5" Germany Rare

This is a rare diecut, indeed, evidenced by its already strong price with over 2 full days to run on the auction. This is among  relative handful of German diecuts made in 1935 and shipped only to eastern Canada before the outflow of holiday goods from Germany was shut down for good until 1946. There are four designs comprising this set. You can see two of them in my book's third edition on page 171. 

08/05 Update: This sold for a strong $472.77. I say "strong" based on its poor condition. 

1920's Vintage HALLOWEEN Pumpkin Girl CAT Die Cut Embossed Germany Decoration VG

This mini-diecut in one from a set shown on page 185 in the upper left. If you look carefully, you'll see that this is a variant from the ones typically seen. The one in the book shows a cat with much more definition to its fur and a somewhat longer tail. The edges of the cat of the one listed are much smoother. There are other, more subtle differences, so look closely. This is a variant I have not seen before, so even with its less-than-perfect condition, it should fetch some bigger dollars if there are at least two knowledgeable bidders involved by the end. 

08/14 Update: As I suspected, this variant did quite well, raking in $249.50.