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These are remnants from the Pick-A-Pumpkin game that was printed in both Germany and the USA around 1920. You can see the complete game on page 125. As remnants, these would have decorative value only.

03/26 Update: These remnants sold for $52.49.

Vintage Halloween Beistle Sitting Black Cat 9 x 4.5 (5242)

This is merely a remnant of the Beistle centerpiece discussed directly below. It should have no real collectible value. If you look closely, you can see where someone with scissors cut along the bottom and both haunches. Unless you don't mind having a remnant, I wouldn't be a bidder. 

07/31 Update: I was sad to see someone waste $86.75 on this remnant. 

1928 Vintage Halloween Spookville Table Decoration

This result makes little sense to me. What you have is merely a remnant from one of Whitman's rather pedestrian Halloween pamphlets consisting of pages of cut-outs. The graphics are not that compelling, the paper stock is thin and one cannot escape the fact that it is merely a remnant. Now, granted, eBay has really offered little to get excited about overall for years, but surely there are better ways to spend $339. 

Vintage HALLOWEEN Sucker Holder E. Rosen Black Cat on Fence

I am surprised to see this seller offering this remnant without making clear in his listing that this is merely the upper half of a Rosen Trix or Treats sucker holder card. Describing it as unused with light wear doesn't make sense. Look at the photo of an entire card on page 90. You can see where some person clipped along the rise of the Trix or Treats boxed logo. 

This is merely a remnant and therefore has zero collectible value. I am hoping ddavidd will cancel the bids on this and his similarly damaged cards and pull the auctions. (Shaking my head...)