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SCARCE 1920's Embossed Halloween Jack o' Lantern Pirate Diecut Decoration

This seller priced this too low. This large pirate JOL face diecut was on eBay for only a few minutes before it was gone. (I saw it and clicked to buy it but it was already gone.) The seller referenced my book, pointing out that smaller yet similar ones appeared on page 181, yet oddly priced this at ~half of sustainable guide value. If it would have been listed with an auction format, I know it would have brought many more dollars.

Vintage Rare Halloween Paper Mache Pumpkin man

I suspect this listing didn't last long. The seller placed a BIN price of $125 on it, well below what this might have brought. This 19.5" high JOL pirate diecut is among the largest diecuts the Germans made. (The size mate to it is a JOL woman with broom. Both are shown on page 183.) The RSIN is 2, so it doesn't often surface. The colors are bright and from the many good photos included in the listing, I don't see troubling condition issues. Congrats to whomever the buyer was - they got a good deal! 

Antique Vintage Halloween Witch Pirate Roly Poly Celluloid Figures Dimestore

These are certainly two rare celluloid items. I especially like the corn pirate. Very cool. The seller doesn't point out two things that affect condition: The nose of the pirate and one of the shoes on the witch are pushed in. Both may be repairable, but be cognizant of these issues when formulating your maximum bid. 

08/01 Update: These sold for the bell weather price of $1,005. See many, many more high-end celluloid pieces on pages 110-115. 

Vintage Halloween Easel Back Die-Cut JOL Pirate Germany

I am just shaking my head in wonder at those who have enough money to throw around in driving this somewhat common German diecut up to a laughable $521.87. Newer collectors - don't despair at this madness. Once this small handful of must-have-it-at-all-costs collectors obtain an item, their absence from the market will enable items to be purchased for sustainable prices.