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Vintage Halloween Beistle Luhrs Full Size Jointed Skeleton w/ Original Envelope

It is great to see some nice items being offered this season. This large envelope containing "The Perfect Hallowe'en Decoration" was produced by Beistle during the early 1930s. The value for this set lies almost entirely with the envelope. It is one that rarely surfaces in this shape. Sustainable guide value is $175. 

10/16 Update: It may be that time of the year when most collectors have spent their vintage Halloween budget , as this fine enveloped item brought only $132.50. 

Old Halloween Honeycomb Hallowe'en Dancing Witch 7-24 inch Stretch Org. Package

Beistle made this design for many seasons (1928-1937) so they come up for sale with some regularity. They typically change hands for $60 so the ending price here is puzzling. Yes, the presence of the near-plain glassine envelope is unusual but does it justify the huge premium seen in the ending price? I don't think so, but two determined bidders felt differently. I wonder if the underbidder is more relieved than unhappy? I know I'd be. 

08/31 Update: The underbidder contacted me to say that she was indeed relieved not to have been the prevailing bidder. She bid her max amount never thinking someone would come in anywhere near that figure. 

But here is the view of the buyer who is quite happy with the purchase - and isn't that what collecting is all about? "Your recent blog post, regarding the witch dancer and its original glassine envelope, has prompted my response. I was the prevailing bidder in this auction.
This is the earliest packaging I've seen-in all probability 1927-1929. Later output was housed in plain, unprinted glassine envelopes. Dull as it may be it is quite extraordinary to view nonetheless in its near mint condition. The glassine envelope is void of tears and crumpling -it's apparently perfect-which in my opinion is remarkable in and of itself.
This uniquely rare packaging variant in conjunction with a mint, unused, witch dancer certainly justifies the price realized. In my opinion this was a steal. In fact, if the underbidder hadn't been active, the prevailing bid would have been $71.99 -chump change."