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Vintage Hand Crafted Paper Mache Halloween Black Cat Figurine

This is a stunning German nodding candy container made between 1910-1914 or 1919-1920. One identical to it can be seen on page 65. I still think the cited value of $650 is correct for an example in perfect condition. This is not, given the visible crack along the seam and the apparent lack of a mechanism enabling the head to nod. (This style of item was molded from two irregularly bordered halves then glued together. The crack along the side seam isn't too big of a deal as long as the break is stable, something I can't determine from the photos.) The missing nodding mechanism should be able to be replaced, with the attendant risk that the interior of the head could be damaged in attempting a replacement. Keep these considerations in mind if you are inclined to bid. Notice the great detailing of the cat's abdomen. (How I wish it could legitimately remind me of my own!) 

04/13 Update: This finished with a prevailing bid of $325, pretty much in line with expectations given the condition issues.