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Vintage Lot of Die Cut Halloween Decorations Witch Pumpkin Bat Frankenstein Cat

Nothing pictured is truly vintage. The three members of the cat band were made during or after 2003. As I write on page 154, "Reproductions are easily discerned by the white accents, two bottom slots on each for a folded cardboard stand and their heavy paper stock with their orange/brown backsides." The cat atop a JOL was made a bit later. The give-away on that items is the glossy paper stock. 


This is not an old piece. Blumchen and Company is a firm that imports many newly made holiday items from Germany. They do not sell truly vintage Halloween items. Established in 1985, they at one time sold a smattering of truly old Halloween items, but that hasn't been the case for many years. The good news is that the buyer didn't waste that many dollars on this decorative object. Do your research before buying anything in our fun hobby. It has gotten too expensive overall not to educate yourself before committing dollars to a purchase. 

Vintage Halloween Crescent Moon with Black Cat RARE 1920 GERMANY

This identically dual-sided diecut is of recent manufacture, probably issued by Radko. The details are such that I fear newer collectors may be confused by this listing, which is notable in what is not said. The word "antique" is misleadingly used, the type of material is not mentioned, nor are the dimensions. The shipping cost of nearly $60 is, of course, laughable. The truly vintage German diecut that this faux POS is modeled after looks very different. The expression of the cat is exaggerated, the eye colors are alien to vintage diecuts, the fur is overly modeled and it is dual-sided. Newer collectors, don't be fooled. This is an item with solely decorative value. 


RARE Antique Halloween Parade Pumpkin Lantern w/ Original Sticks! 1800s JH

It irritates me that so many of these have been popping up on Ebay with sellers claiming they are vintage parade lanterns. These are not vintage! They were made about 7 years ago by Bethany Lowe. I have one in my seasonal displays. Please, readers, contact this seller and educate her. However, if the past is any guide, the seller will remain blissfully wrapped tightly in their ignorance. 

Vintage Halloween Doorstop Witch and Cat Cast Iron HH05171510

The seller broadly states that this is door stop was made in the 20th Century. 100 years is a very wide range. When was this actually made? Let me help: This item was not made at any point in the 20th Century. It was made no earlier than 2005 and quite possibly just a few days ago. If you want a sweet knickknack with no collectible value, this may be the thing for you. If you want a truly vintage Halloween item, keep looking. 

05/20 Update: Sorry to see that someone wasted $59.99 on this newly made item. 

Vintage GERMAN Halloween Paper Mache Pumpkin Lantern - Paper Eyes, Nose & Mouth

I chuckled reading the description for this newly crafted item. The seller states, "This is unmarked, but obviously German made." Of course, it isn't. In fact, these words in the header don't belong: vintage, German and paper mache. This is a nice decorative item, almost certainly made in China or some other similar off-shore manufacturing center. I'd estimate its seasonal decorative value at $20. 

Two Vintage Halloween Cardboard Accordion Cat And Pumpkin Lanterns

These items, devoid of any semblance to truly vintage items, are not memorable. One of the sure-fire ways to identify these as newly made, aside from the vacant expressions, is the presence of glitter, the bane of all civilized people. (As an aside, I dislike glitter so much that I open all Christmas cards right over a large garbage can in my garage. If glitter is detected, into the can they go.) Naturally, these two things are probably not even worth the opening bid of $9.99. 

Vintage Style 1930s Flaming-Red Devil Halloween Lantern (Composition)

I recently took delivery of this remarkable lantern and wanted to pass along some thoughts. Although the emphasis of this blog is on the truly vintage, on occasion I add newly made pieces to the collection. I am very glad I have one of these. The artist, Timothy Ramzyk, sells a line of five Halloween lanterns both on Ebay and Etsy. This lantern is weighty and has been made with a high level of craftsmanship and care. Tim numbers each one, as they are made in limited quantities. As the years roll on, he intends to retire some designs to make room for others. I am sometimes asked what newly made items might be the collectibles of tomorrow. I am confident that all of these lanterns fit the bill. I spoke with Tim this afternoon to ask why he doesn't charge more for these works of art. For the moment, he feels these are fairly priced. However, buy any one of the lanterns and I dare you to disagree with me - they are worth every penny and then some. Buy any of all of these lanterns while they are available. 

Vintage Halloween Noise Maker

This tin litho noisemaker is not a vintage item. They were sold for 1-2 seasons through Restoration Hardware about 5 years ago. They have zero collectible value. Don't be fooled. 

09/22 Update: Unfortunately, somebody was fooled to the tune of $28.50.