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Very nice extremely HTF Halloween Black Cat Diecut Decoration, Germany 1920s 8"

This result is absurd. The prevailing bidder, the same in all four of these examples, has been caught out by an underbidder who was equally insane. I'm sure that neither party ever expected another bidder to place such a silly and never-to-be-seen-again bid. The only winner here is the seller who has to be scratching his head at his good fortune. Seller, run out and buy a lottery ticket. You're on a roll! The prevailing bidder now has to shell out a laughably high number of dollars for a diecut that surfaces every now and then. SGV is $115. Results like these can contribute to the demise of a great hobby as potential new collectors see these incomprehensible results and decide to move on to other pursuits. I am gob-smacked.


This is merely one example of the great bargains to be had this time of the year for Halloween collectors. (Although a great time to buy, it is a horrific time to sell, since the recently passed holiday seems to have sated collectors' appetites, a phenomenon that occurs regularly from about early November through late March.) My advice, unless you have to sell, just wait until early April to begin selling anything noteworthy.