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Vintage Retro Halloween Skaters Glass Owl Japan Battery Lantern Light - Works!

When I first began collecting in 1988, these were coveted items to have in a collection. Today - not so much. These would bring $75-125 every time they surfaced in antiques shops. With the advent of on-line venues, so much has changed for every hobby, including ours. I find it interesting to look back and see what has fallen in and out of favor. Out right now are lamps like these, most tin noisemakers, candles and many forms of German candy containers (Mainly, due, I think, to the rightful skittishness many collectors have so as not to get ripped off by things made to look old but aren't.). In are 1920s-1930s Dennison, Beistle and Gibson items, 1912-1919 Bogie Books, Dennison Price List pamphlets and Rosen Pops boxes. What other categories do you think are "in" and "out?"