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Vintage Halloween Invitation Box Only Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Orange Black

This is a really great box. I've not seen it before. The JOLs along the edges and the use of the fat font are reminiscent of Dennison. However, Dennison was disciplined about marking their goods, so I tend to think it wasn't produced by them. (By the way, Dennison wasn't perfect about marking their items. A few, like the "Whoopee" diecut on page 144, escaped the factory unmarked.) This box has super graphics and would have made a splendid addition to my collection. I wish I had seen it in time! 

Early Beistle Vintage Halloween Invitations with Owl Envelope Witch/Cat/Owl

The seller left considerable money on the table listing this with a BIN of $150. This is perhaps the earliest Beistle packaging I've seen and probably dates to 1918. (Beistle didn't even have their name on the envelope, or a stock number or even a witty description of the contents.) If I had seen this I would have excitedly added this to the collection. I would think that owlcreek15 could have gotten at least double, and perhaps more, than the $150 BIN price assigned!