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RARE VTG Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Lamp Light BEISTLE Honeycomb Cat Witch

I haven't seen one of these true gems listed in some time. Although in rough condition, it is nice to see one of these survivors on its way to a good home. Beistle issued this lantern masterpiece in 1930-1931. I feel it is a physical manifestation of the acme of their art. Beistle used this art on an 8" version then only once again: on an enveloped puzzle of this lantern face. The puzzle measures 8” by 9” and was sold with a stock number of 873. SGV is $1,200, but given its overall condition, I think this will be hard-pressed to meet that level. 


This somewhat harder-to-find 8" version of the iconic Beistle lantern seems to be in remarkable shape. I take it that the slot and tab top separator bar is missing. I'd also love to see how the honeycomb sides look from two side shots. This is arguably the finest lantern design Beistle ever issued. The seller is a long-time, knowledgeable collector. After verifying the missing top bar and seeing some side pics, this may be the time to scoop this up. 

09/15 Update: This awesome, iconic Beistle lantern fetched a strong $1,269.66. This design has such a strong presence that it becomes the center of any display. Wow!

RARE VTG Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Lamp Light BEISTLE Honeycomb Cat Witch

The belle of the ball this cycle has most definitely been Beistle. Virtually all of the offerings for top-shelf Beistle items have been snapped up for prices that seem excessive to me. Although the overall condition of the dual faces seemed pretty choice, it was still missing its header, making the result that much more difficult to fathom. That said, arguably this is the most iconic Beistle item out there, alongside their 1923 fairy clock and their early Party Outfits.