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Gibson produced this stunning seal design in the early 1920s. Much of Gibson's output in this boxed genre is fun but one-dimensional compared to the more thought-through designs Dennison typically released. (That said, I love the Gibson boxed products. They are much harder to find - and that makes the hunt all the more fun. Overall, I think they are currently under-valued in the market.) This design is an obvious exception. A sister design is shown at the upper left on page 264. Both are killer! Guide value for a full box of 20 seals is $250. This box had 8-10 damaged seals and an unfortunate blemish on the packaging. Therefore, the result seems right. 

Vintage Halloween Ghost Decoration

This scary Beistle winged ghost was issued in 1925 in two variants: white or orange honeycombed paper wings. Both are valued equally. This example has the typical damage: both knots are missing as is a section of the base. I understand the typically missing knots, but have long wondered why the bases are typically truncated. 

Large Dennison Floating Specter Halloween Die-Cut

Wow, another record-setting price from azpaperlady. I wonder who is bidding such large sums of money on damaged items? I wouldn't have thought that this item, with the serious tape blemish to its face, would bring such a strong price. Lately, I have seen an 8" version of this cool diecut being offered for sale. I think these smaller diecuts are fantasy items. There is no indication in any Dennison publication that this was made in two sizes. Be cautious!