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Antique Halloween Skull Die Cut Beistle USA 1930'S Human Skull in Cauldron

I can't recall seeing one of these up for sale for many, many years. This skull table decoration with a flip-out base was made by Beistle from 1930-1931. The one in the collection is unmarked, but this one has the diamond mark that was discontinued right around this time. This is a rare item with a sustainable guide value of $375. Given that one hasn't surfaced in some time and the propensity for some collectors to spend foolishly, who knows what this will fetch. I will be watching. 

10/23 Update: As I suspected, this flew right by sustainable guide value, fetching $460. 

Early Beistle Halloween Stand-Up Scary Face JOL

This is an exceptionally rare Beistle item. It is a table decoration with a flip-out base like the two shown on page 251. I feel it was produced only in 1930-31. An example of Beistle being frugal - except for the flip-out base it is identical to their Jack-O-Lantern Fortune game - I don't think this was a strong seller for them. I bought the one in my collection in 2007 in a private sale. Until this listing, I have never seen it anywhere else, ever! It will be instructive to see what this fetches.