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I sure wish I was camped out in front of the desktop when this listing landed. This is a rare Domino hat mask produced by Beistle from 1926-1931. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen it for sale. The seller knew just enough to understand it may be Beistle, but nowhere near enough to lazily slap a BIN of $60 on it rather than put it up for auction. SGV is $275, but I think it would have brought more than that given that one hasn't surfaced for quite some time. Beistle made four Domino hat mask designs. I am searching for the one that still eludes me after all these years. 

Vintage 1950s-1960s HALLOWEEN Set - Witches' Hat, Pumpkin Mask, Spider Rings

Trolling through the "sold" listings right now, I nearly screamed (OK, I actually did shriek a bit...) when I saw that I had missed this listing. The jewel among the crap is the mask with the JOL on top. Beistle made a set of four masks from 1926-1931 that they marketed as "Domino" hat masks. I own three and have never been able to find the fourth. You guessed it, this is the fourth and final one I need to complete the set. These almost never surface and when they do they would bring no less than $275. The eagle-eyed buyer got a true deal, engendering true regret in my heart.