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Vintage RARE GERMAN WindowFrame diecut,Cat with crow on the fence,1 of 4 produc

$399.99 as the opening bid for this heavily damaged German diecut is the very definition of optimism. The seller, whose grasp on grammar, punctuation and spelling is tenuous at best, really should tamp down the optimism and simply list this remnant at $9.99 without a reserve. 

09/03 Update: The seller, after no interest at her too-high opening bid price, lowered it to $39.99. That action has attracted some interest, with the price now at $79. 

09/04 Update: This remnant sold for $152.50. 

Vintage 1940s Halloween Wall / Door Decoration Collectable Black Cats w/ Pumpkin

This seller has been trying to unload this severely damaged diecut for at least 18 months, listing and relisting it at $128. Now she has dropped the price to $90. That certainly isn't good enough. The best thing this persistent seller could do is just roll it up and use it for kindling on the sure-to-come nippy fall nights when a fire in the hearth is so appealing. 

Vintage HALLOWEEN Sucker Holder E. Rosen Black Cat on Fence

I am surprised to see this seller offering this remnant without making clear in his listing that this is merely the upper half of a Rosen Trix or Treats sucker holder card. Describing it as unused with light wear doesn't make sense. Look at the photo of an entire card on page 90. You can see where some person clipped along the rise of the Trix or Treats boxed logo. 

This is merely a remnant and therefore has zero collectible value. I am hoping ddavidd will cancel the bids on this and his similarly damaged cards and pull the auctions. (Shaking my head...)