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H E Luhrs Embossed Halloween Crow Decoration 1940 Beistle Company

I had to chuckle when this seller states with bravado that this crow diecut "is unmistakably an H E Luhrs creation." Not only has the possessive gone missing, but the assertion is, in fact, mistakenly made. As you, my faithful readers know, this is a heavily embossed diecut made in Germany during the 1920s. It has nothing to do with Beistle or Luhrs. 

Vintage Die-Cut Black Crow Halloween Decoration 7.5" Germany

Ebay has largely become a junkyard but now and then a wonderful piece does turn up - like this exceedingly rare German crow diecut. Heavily embossed, this design simply doesn't surface often, especially in this seemingly flawless condition. The mate to it, showing a crow in three-quarter profile, is much more common. Made during the 1920s, both members of the set can be seen on page 172. 

07/27 Update: Wow!! This rare diecut brought a very strong $440. 

1920's Vintage Halloween German Crow Die Cut NEAR MINT!!

Wow, this is one of the harder German diecuts to get, exclusive of the few produced for one year around 1935 and shipped only to eastern Canada. This looks to be in beautiful condition, although the photographs do lack that level of detail I'd prefer. The buyer got a great item at a very good price, considering that sustainable guide value is $325. 

Vintage Black Crow German Embossed Paper Die Cut Halloween Decoration

This is one you don't see too often. Crow imagery is, as expected, unusual. As far as I know, the Germans made only two embossed crow diecut iterations. Of the two, this is the more common, although both are hard to come by. The other is shown on page 152. The condition of this particular example is quite good. My opinion is that if a prior owner has written their name on the reverse, even in ink, it makes no difference to assessing condition if that name is otherwise invisible. 

08/30 Update: I wasn't surprised that this superb diecut fetched $253. Congrats!