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Pre 1920's German Halloween Veggie Child Candy Container Carrot Arms & JOL Head

This is a great little candy container being sold by an outstanding and knowledgeable collector. I appreciate the many excellent photos, the no-holds-barred description and the chance to acquire such a solid piece at a potential bargain price point!

08/25 Update: I sure was glad to see this wonderful item brought such a strong price, fetching $351. Congrats KL!


This candy container looks more squat than it should. (It could be just the angle.) The complete mark on the underside is hard to discern. I think it says "Container Made In Germany." If that is so, that mark was used exclusively during the early 1950s. 

04/13 Update: This sold for a mere $148.50, so the marketplace had its suspicions as to age as well. 

Vintage 1920's German Halloween Pear Man Candy Container

I was driving with some friends yesterday morning and mentioned that I had seen this listing and felt the candy container was a good one for the price. They logged on to eBay and bought this about three hours after I had seen it. I feel this seller got lucky that I mentioned it. He had only two poor photos and a description only Piet Mondrian would appreciate. I don't think anyone else would have taken the $550 plunge with such scant information. 


This small composition Veggie person was made in Germany during the early 1920s. Most of this ilk were meant to stand on round cardboard bases, hence the glue remnants on the bottom. I don't feel that the absence of the base is a material factor in valuation with this category of figurals. The buyer got a very solid bargain, given that sustainable guide value is $135. An identical example is shown on page 81. 

Antique 1920's German Halloween Paper Candy Container Jack O Lantern Figure

This small figural on a candy box exhibits a problem common to a high percentage of vintage composition pieces painted black - flaking. I have seen it so often for so many years now that it must be a quality inherent in the black paint used in the 1920s and early 1930s. In my view, such flaking underscores the age of the piece, so I typically don't find it too off-putting. 


Although started at a reasonable price, unlike too many of the listings in the Vintage Halloween category, this German composition candy container has some issues. The twig broom that originally was present is missing as is the brim of her pointed hat. The brooms have been reproduced and should be easy to obtain but repairing the hat will require a level of restorative skill that certainly eludes me. 

Vintage Antique Plaster Composite Halloween Devil Man Figurine SIGNED Germany

This looks to be a vintage candy container in quite nice condition, aside form the few paint flecks to the side of a horn. The Germans made a set of these figures all standing on a stump. (To see a Veggie man example, see the lower right of page 77.) The devil head was also molded in the same way but to a different body. (To see this, turn to page 63.) The seller gets the date of manufacture wrong. These candy containers date to the 1920s. I feel the BIN price reflects full value plus for this item.