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Vintage Halloween Witch With Fire & Broom Celluloid Viscoloid Toy Rattle; Great!

Hands down, Viscoloid made the most memorable designs in celluloid. The array of stunning colors used and their unsurpassed molding sets Viscoloid items apart from all other makers. (Just look at those cheekbones!) I’ve not seen this particular witch before. It’ll be fun to see what price this fetches.

04/25 Update: I was staggered at the ending price of $2,938.88.


Halloween celluloid in good condition, like this item, has been on a tear these last few months. This piece was made in Japan during the 1920s and rarely surfaces. The seller is a long-time collector who is knowledgeable and honest. Know that you can conduct business with her with absolute confidence. If you wish to see one of the best visual displays of Halloween celluloid, turn to pages 110-115 and feast your eyes. 

09/09 Update: This great item sold for $542.89! 

Vintage Halloween Plastic Roly Poly Goblin ~ Old & Cool!

Along with so many other genres, vintage Halloween celluloid seems to be on fire. (For an awesome visual display of some of the finest celluloid designs out there, look at pages 110-115.) I contacted some close friends to see if they were the prevailing bidder, but they were aced out by another friend. Maybe the next time I swing down to southern California, I can see this rare and appealing item for myself. 

Witch With Cat in Jack-O-Lantern Vintage Celluloid Roly Poly Halloween Toy!

Vintage Halloween celluloid is a genre I have appreciation for. It amazes me the level of detail the producers were able to achieve in such a small form factor. I've never collected celluloid mainly because of its fragility and flammability, yet understand the market. (Check out the eye-popping collection shown in my third edition owned by the famously delightful Tammy and Barry!) Given the poor condition of this offering and the amount of money it would take to restore it properly, the ending price seems high to me. 


The celluloid market has strengthened quite a bit over these last few months. This is a splendid item! I feel the price was quite reasonable. It may have even done better if it was offered as an auction rather than a BIN. Although I appreciate celluloid, its inherently flammable nature deters me from collecting it. However, when you can see a thoughtfully curated collection, like that owned by my close friends, Tammy and Barry, appreciation for the artistry of design makes me wonder if I've made the correct decision. As I write on page 110, "The fragile nature of this medium makes finding near-mint or better examples difficult, as most extant items have some dents and/or cracks." 

Antique Vintage Halloween Witch Pirate Roly Poly Celluloid Figures Dimestore

These are certainly two rare celluloid items. I especially like the corn pirate. Very cool. The seller doesn't point out two things that affect condition: The nose of the pirate and one of the shoes on the witch are pushed in. Both may be repairable, but be cognizant of these issues when formulating your maximum bid. 

08/01 Update: These sold for the bell weather price of $1,005. See many, many more high-end celluloid pieces on pages 110-115. 


There are several things I don't like about this listing. The seller, with zero feedback even though they've been an Ebay member for over two years, claims that this celluloid item is "...Hard to find in such good condition these days..." even though the condition is demonstrably poor. Also, the seller has weirdly included a redacted photo of me with a redacted caption taken from an article some years back on vintage Halloween collecting. I guess the intended implication is that I was referring to the same item being sold. I wasn't. Turn to page 116 for a photo of a duplicate of the item to which I was referring. That one was worth the price it fetched because it was interesting, possessed great detailing and was in mint condition. This one - not so much. 

Antique Celluloid Girl Holding Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Toy!

I never began collecting celluloid in earnest mainly because it is such a delicate medium that discourages much handling. Nonetheless, I certainly appreciate the art form. I have some good friends who live about 2 hours away who have one of the best celluloid collections I've ever seen, spanning several holidays. I don't recall seeing this one in their collection, nor have I seen this one before, so it must be rare.