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Rare Vintage Dennison Halloween Screaming Cat Face Lantern - Shade. 1930's

Dennison's output from the late 1920s through the early 1930s is sought after. Like so many other industrial concerns in the very early 1930s, their output was curtailed by the onset of what became known as the Great Depression. This simple shade was produced at that time. It is hard to find period, much less in the condition this fine seller is offering. Don't let this one get away! 

09/11 Update: This went for an unsustainable price of $355.

Vintage Halloween Black Cat Drum Decoration

I believe this item is something handmade, not commercially produced. (It is for this reason I place this post here rather than in the "Fakes, Etc." section.) Although the photos show an item that looks like it has some age to it, I can't be certain. What I do know is that this has zero collectible value. 

01/31 Update: Someone liked this well enough to have paid $34.99. 


I like the simplicity of the graphics on this sparkler made in Germany during the early 1930s. Its RSIN is 3, so it surfaces now and then. Typically, the flints on these sparklers are long gone. You used to be able to get replacements at old-time drugstores, but I haven't been able to find any for several years. If you know of where they can be purchased, drop me an email. The seller has it priced identically to guide value. The condition seems quite good. If you don't have this one yet, this would be a good time to add it to your collection.  

Vintage Halloween Early German Paper Mache Cat Lantern Pre-20s, Original Insert

I've had the occasion to examine lots of German lanterns over the last year and this strikes me as a stand-out. I love the sheen, the fact that it has its original insert and that the oft-missing ears are present and firmly attached. The fact that the bottom has been replaced is a non-issue. It'll be fun to see what this great item brings in a true auction format!


There is some controversy over just how old these designs really are. Blumchen's imported these in the 1990s along with similar but smaller squeakers on painted sticks. Although I do feel these are somewhat earlier, they don't date any older than sometimes in the 1960s, so bid accordingly. 

07/14 Update: These items brought $104.49, a strong price considering the controversy over just how old they really are. 

Vintage Halloween Mini Cat's Face With Hat German Die-Cut

This is only the second time I have seen this iteration of a black cat face German diecut. The other time was just a few days ago on Ebay. (That listing consisted of two diecuts. Considering it was snapped up for only $181, I feel collectors simply overlooked it.)  The eyes on this iteration look down whereas the eyes on the most common of the three designs look straight at the viewer and the eyes on the second-most common look to the right. Each iteration has a different design on the hat. Given how rare this diecut is, it should fetch no less than $225.