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WHITNEY PUMPKIN CAR CAT WITCH INVITATION 1920's unused near mint no reserve

Whitney produced some of the most endearingly odd Halloween small paper, especially during the 1920s! This is one of a trio of invitations Whitney issued with a pumpkin car theme. While this one is being driven by a cat, the others are driven by a witch and an owl. (They can be seen on page 280.) It took me many years to finally acquire the trio in near-mint or better condition. It is a tough slog. How great is it that this fine seller is offering this rare treasure in a true auction format with no reserve? Don't even hesitate in snapping this gem up!  

04/02 Update: This sold for $203.50. 

Vintage Halloween Invitation Black Cat Driving Witch Owl

The level of detail of this invitation is amazing. This was produced by Whitney during the early 1920s. Because the invitation's clasps are so intricate and delicate, it is hard to find this in near-perfect or better condition. Whitney made a trio of these car invites. While this one is driven by a cat and features a witch and an owl as passengers, the others have different passengers with one car driven by a witch and the other by an owl. The latter two appear on page 280. I am proud to now own all three in near-mint or better condition.