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Vintage Halloween E Rosen Tweety Pops Black Cat Candy Container Tub 1950s/1960s

This listing is a good illustration of how design sensibilities changed (degraded?) from the 1940s through the 1960s. Take a look at the Halloween Owl Pops bucket on page 51 from the late 1940s. It is much more intricately detailed with more subtle colors. The bucket up for auction now is from sometime after July 1963 as it has a zip code. The imagery is cute, colors are bright and the entire thing is forgettable.

04/11 Update: I was surprised that this item brought $127.50. It seems like a lot to pay for something like this.

04/16 Update: The same seller listed another one of these which sold today for $102.50. I think that price is still too much for this.