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THE WITCH OF ENDOR Fortune Telling Game 1929 Salem Mass HALLOWEEN Rare

Over the years, this 1929 game hasn’t gotten the collector love it deserves. With now two major exceptions, the price has hovered around $100. This ending price of $299.95 was almost certainly driven by its extremely nice condition. This game’s lid is almost always concave with significant chipping. Not this one. Even so, a very high price indeed. (In June 2016, an example in slightly lesser condition sold for a record price of $316.99.)

SCARCE Vintage Halloween Witch of Endor Fortune Telling Game, Salem Mass., 1929

The graphics on this game are so excellent and evocative of my favorite season that I've long been puzzled why it typically doesn't bring strong dollars. Trust me, this game looks awesome in a display cabinet. It was made by a now obscure manufacturer with fairly limited distribution muscle resulting in its RSIN of 3. 

06/24 Update: I am so glad to see that this great game finally received the love I've felt it has long deserved. It sold for $316.99, the highest price for this game according to my records.