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Vintage Halloween trix or treats sucker holder card ghosts in graveyard E. Rosen

The five Rosen Set B cards are the best overall of their Trix or Treats cards. (You can see the other sets on pages 90-92.) The sellers are very knowledgeable, long-time collectors who I had the true pleasure to meet in Pennsylvania at an event in 2003 called the Halloween Opera. Bid with confidence.

09/18 Update: All five cards from this set realized exceptionally strong prices! This particular card fetched $130.50.

One Vintage Halloween ROSEN 50s Trix or Treats SKELETON MOON DANCE sucker card

As is so often the case when an auction ends at a puzzlingly high price, the unsustainable ending price of $142.50 for this smile-inducing Rosen Trix or Treats cards was brought on by two determined bidders. Remove the underbidder from the equation and this would have ended right around where it should have ended, $76.
Readers, for items like these cards that surface regularly, never pay more than right around guide value, which is $70. Although I do think this is the single best Halloween card Rosen issued, why pay such a premium? Sit back and be patient - for one will surface again soon enough.

One Vintage Halloween 1950s GHOSTLY GRAVES with JOL FENCE TREE Rosen Candy Card

This is one of five cards comprising a complete set of what I call "Set B" made by Rosen in the late 1940s-early 1950s. All of the cards from this set are desirable and somewhat hard to find. Arguably, the best card is the one showing dancing skeletons, but this card is quite appealing in its own way. All cards from all sets can be seen on pages 90-92. 

08/17 Update: This Rosen card brought a strong $99, continuing a long trend wherein the five cards comprising this set, what I call Set B, each bring more than the guide value of $70 each. Perhaps the more accurate value id around $85 each.