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vtg 1930/40s USA Halloween Die-Cut Witches Cauldron 3D 4 Piece Honeycomb Set

Here is what I wrote about this item in my 2nd edition in 2007:
"One of the most interesting of Beistle’s many tabletop decorations is its Rustic Fireplace. It is billed on the envelope as including an “Old Witches’ Beauty Caldron.” It consists of a lithoed paper and honeycomb cauldron with orange streamers attached to the bottom to simulate flames. (This was an ingenious way to boost sales of an already popular item.) Since these cauldrons were only made from 1926 through 1931, it stands to reason the Rustic Fireplace dates to this time. This is further buttressed by the use of Beistle’s diamond mark on the packaging. The detailed lithoed cardboard props and crossbar containing a hook for the cauldron are all representative of Beistle’s high quality. These measure 10.5" high by 15" wide. The cauldron measures 8" high by 8.5" wide. This complete set is valued at $800 to $1,000." 
I think the values for these items has drifted somewhat downward in the intervening 6+ years. Collectors I speak with don't find the props and crossbar all that interesting. I also hear complaints about how much room it takes to display the set in its entirety. Most collectors seem to want the cauldron but without the crepe paper "flames" as they prevent the cauldron from sitting evenly. Given the condition of the cauldron, it will be instructive as to what this set fetches. 

11/08 Update: $271.33 was the ending price for this item. I see the value for this set in near-perfect condition hovering around $450-500 these days.