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Kokomold Rosbro Halloween Plastic Orange Upright Witch on a Rocket

I've never been a fan of hard plastic but will admit that many of the Kokomold designs were off-beat enough and were made in relatively small quantities that I regret passing on acquiring them when prices were so cheap. When I began collecting back in 1988, this design could have been purchased for around $15-20. The eBay screen misleadingly indicates that this sold for $600, but a BIN offer of $465 was accepted by the seller. 

Very Rare Plastic Witch And Pumpkin Carriage candy container Rosen ? Rosbro

The buyer got a real bargain here, even with the fully disclosed, very minor repair. I have never warmed to hard plastic but have to admit that the Kokomold products have an inescapable charm. Although I don't own any Kokomold items, for the first time ever, I'm open to that possibility. The seller knew just enough to know it was rare, but doesn't seem to be up on current prices.