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Halloween Candy Containers Veggie Men Germany 5 different original box

The seller states that, "Opinion is divided as to whether these are old, new, fakes, etc." There is not a single advanced collector I know that believes these things have any age to them. From the perspective of those that have been in the hobby for decades, opinion is united that these are fakes. There is zero documentary evidence of their existence prior to the great avalanche of fakes from Germany that began at the Atlantic City show in 1995. The seller offers a wide-ranging theory trying to justify why she believes these are the real deal. I applaud her creativity but wish she'd simply remove the listing (and several other of her listings of dubious age). It is well-known that the importers faking Halloween beginning in the mid-1990s used truly vintage boxes to house their newly made forgettables. Let's not conflate the age of the boxes with the age of the housed items.