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RARE Vintage Halloween Composition Devil Head Lantern W/ Orig Insert Formalite ?

I’ve received a number of inquiries as to my opinion of this item. I know the seller to be an ethical and affable person who has long been a collector of vintage Halloween memorabilia. I have much regard for him. That said, I don’t feel this lantern has much age to it. From what I understand, the Formalite process applied to items made from original F.N. Burt molds simply means a gesso-like coating over the typically used pulp, like shown in the second photo. I question why the bottom of the one up for auction is flat. If original molds were used, why wouldn’t the bottom be indented, like the one shown in the third photo? (Notice, too, that the lantern shown in the third photo is marked.) The lantern up for auction seems to be made from composition, not pulp. I suspect it was probably made off-shore sometime in the last 15 years.
My thanks to a long-time blog follower for supplying the second and third photos.


Vintage Devil Satan Paper Mache Halloween Lantern

I've seen these oddly colored devil head lanterns occasionally over the decades and remain unimpressed. They just don't have the impact the traditionally toned ones have for me. I do believe F.N. Burt made these with varying odd colorations, probably late in the overall production run. As with all inserts I haven't examined personally, I assume it is newer. Sustainable guide value for this lantern with a typical look is $350. I can't imagine, even during an optimal listing time, that this would get more than a fraction of that value, even if it didn't have a carved bottom. 

01/19 Update: This brought $153.50, a bit more than I would have guessed. 

Authentic, All-Original Vintage Halloween FN Burt Pulp Devil Lantern, USA 1930s

This is one of the finest of these pulp devil head lanterns I've seen in a while. Made by the F.N. Burt Company of the great city of Buffalo, NY during the early 1930s, these surface with some regularity in a limited number of color variants. The "shot-from-below" color scheme is one of the most common. This is offered by a seller who rightly prides herself on customer service, fair pricing and an assortment of vintage goods being offered throughout the year. Bid with confidence.  

Paper Mache Pulp Devil Lantern FN Burt 1930s VF+, Near Mint, Original Insert

This great lantern is being offered by a very knowledgeable collector and a long-time friend, so you can bid with absolute confidence. F.N. Burt Company of Buffalo, NY was a prolific producer of pulp goodies for a wide range of holidays. I feel their Halloween items were some of their best output. This devil head lantern with its original insert is a desirable and eye-catching one to have amidst your displays. Too many sellers these days offer poor photos, then stipulate that said photos are part of the description, so I appreciate Jason's clear pictures. 

07/27 Update: This super devil head lantern brought a very strong $393.89. Kudos!

FN Burt Halloween Witch & Cauldron, AUTHENTIC, RARE!!

This is a spectacular piece offered by a seller I thoroughly trust. This small pulp masterpiece of a witch tending to her cauldron was made by the F.N. Burt Company of Buffalo, New York during the 1930s. These don't surface much, and when they do they are often dirty, scuffed, marred in some way and missing their paper cup. (I've even seen a few painted!) This example has none of those deficiencies - or any other that I can discern. Bottom line - if you don't have one of these small treasures in your collection, you can do no better than buying this item from this super seller.