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Rare Boogie House Ghost & Spooks Halloween Candy Box

I really like this diminutive gem. I had one many years ago, sold it then spent the next several years regretting letting it go. It took me that long to find one in good enough condition to be part of the collection. I bought it flat, have folded it together exactly once and now it sits serenely in one of my many display cases. It wasn't designed to have a bottom as I feel it was made in the early 1950s to fit over a box of candy, probably made by Brach's. SGV is $100. The last one I saw sell was in 2014. It fetched $81. 

08/11 Update: This brought a strong $159.05. 

RARE Boogie house for Ghosts and spooks box Halloween 1950's

This fantastic item looks complete to me. It wasn't designed to have a bottom as I feel it was made to fit over a box of candy, probably made by Brach's. David is wise not to fold it up, since these were not designed to be done and undone. I bought mine flat, folded it once, and now it serenely sits in one of my many display cases. 

Thanks for the shout-out about my new edition!

07/30 Update: This neat, fragile item brought $81, slightly below guide. 

Vintage Brach's Trick or Treat Candy Halloween Haunted House Display Box

Until now I didn't know that Brach's made this cleverly designed candy box in a different iteration. The one in my collection holds 55 "paks" with a net weight of 21 ounces. This variant holds 70 "paks" with a net weight of 22.5 ounces. The graphics are otherwise identical. Since the indicated measurements for the box up for auction are identical to the one in my collection, I suspect Brach's had made each "pak" smaller so that more could fit into the same box space. I think it is reasonable to conclude this variant is a season or two later than the 55 "pak" example.

06/16 Update: This rare and very cool candy box brought $84 even with the slight damage.  


This is one of the most detailed and interesting candy boxes around. I've been trying to land one in collectible condition for years and was happy to have finally done so. The final price of $89 was quite reasonable given the richness of the graphics, its overall size and just how cool this will look in one of my display cabinets. I have concluded that the much smaller Boogie House shown on page 54 was also made by Brach's.