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RARE Antique Halloween Parade Pumpkin Lantern w/ Original Sticks! 1800s JH

It irritates me that so many of these have been popping up on Ebay with sellers claiming they are vintage parade lanterns. These are not vintage! They were made about 7 years ago by Bethany Lowe. I have one in my seasonal displays. Please, readers, contact this seller and educate her. However, if the past is any guide, the seller will remain blissfully wrapped tightly in their ignorance. 

Tin Halloween Jack O' Lantern Parade Pumpkin Lantern Vintage

Several others have posted about this on the FB Vintage Halloween group, conveying their knowledge to the seller that this is a reproduction designed by Bruce Elsas and manufactured by Bethany Lowe about 7 years ago. The seller has refused to alter the listing in any way. I, myself, just sent an email to the seller (through Ebay) repeating what others have conveyed, plus letting them know it would be the subject of a blog post. I'd like to think that the seller is simply a naif rather than someone with ill intent. I'll monitor this listing. If nothing changes, I'll assume the seller is more of the latter than the former. This item, made in China, has decorative value only. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

08/08 Update: The seller never responded to my email, nor have they altered their listing in any way. The seller, regkel4, appears to be brazenly dishonest. 

08/12 Update: Some poor schmuck wasted $445 on this item, made by Bethany Lowe about 7 years ago. SHAME ON THIS DECEPTIVE SELLER!