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Dennison injected their designs with energy and whimsy as sales plummeted during the early 1930s. Today, discerning collectors avidly pursue these diminutive treasures produced in relatively low numbers. This happens to be one of my favorite of Dennison’s slide boxes. I lament that this example being offered isn’t in better condition. Collectors regularly ask whether it is key to have a slide box complete with its contents. I strive to buy the best I can, so my answer is the more complete the contents and the better the condition the easier the decision to buy becomes.

09/25 Update: Condition is paramount. This only brought $89.

Antique Paper Mache Halloween Goblin Lantern / Candy Container Germany

This homely German candy container/lantern combo was probably produced during the 1930s, based on the decorative paper that lies at the base of the lantern head. The Germans used that kind of paper at that time as well as post-WWII. The BIN price seems high. Why not just start it at $500 and let the auction takes its course? For items that don't surface everyday, I don't understand the tendency to slap a BIN on something.