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Tom and Deb C, aka stnick22, are long-time collectors who typically shower us collectors with a cascade of vintage goods auctions around this time. There are a number of their 88 lots that I hope to add to the collection, but thankfully I already own this incredibly rare set. I bought it sight unseen over the phone many years ago from a famous dealer in Chicago named Bindy Bitterman. (Bindy even made a cameo in the fairly recent documentary on the now-famous street photographer, Vivian Maier.) I discovered Bindy had two complete sets from long-time collector and publisher of the not-forgotten Boo News, Dawn Kroma. Even though the photos accompanying this auction are super, they don’t do the individual pieces justice. The pieces are really beautiful. Frankly, this is THE party set to own. I’ve only seen a handful come up for sale in 30 years. The last complete set sold for ~$2300 some years ago now, but in a very tatty box. I can’t wait to see what this example fetches.

10/02 Update: This set fetched an impressive $2,762.40.

Halloween Bogie Book by Dennison's-- 1916--Rare--good condition

This is a Dennison Bogie Book edition that rarely is offered for sale. This 1916 copy looks to be in quite good condition. For some reason, every issue from 1916 that I've examined has been in poor to very good condition only. Dennison seemed to have a problem that year ensuring the covers stayed stapled to the pages. On my Relative Scarcity Index, this merits a "2," with a fair market value of $675. 

05/21 Update: Given the condition, I feel the result of $510 is quite strong!