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1920s Halloween German Die Cut Candle Lantern Rare & Hard to Find

This seller had two left of these from a largish stash and sold them both to the same collector. This is the largest diecut lantern the Germans made. It is so awesome and rare that it has always been in the Inner Sanctum section of my books. I have seen this only a handful of times, and all were being sold by this same seller. Cindy Grew bought a number of these at a flea market in the late 1980s and has now exhausted that supply. She sold me the one I've had in my collection in ~1990. Because these were made for only a season or two during the 1920s, and because they are so large and happily unwieldy, few were made and few survived. If you own one of these, be happy that such a magnificent and rare item is in your collection! The price paid per lantern was over high guide value of $900, but who knows how long it will be before others surface.