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Old Vintage Cardboard Halloween Nut Cup Candy Container Holder Dennison 1920's

Dennison issued a set of four of these well-designed nut cups in the late 1920s. They were sold only as a set. Dennison began liberalizing their imagery and using gold highlights during this period, a period that stretched until about 1931. On my Relative Scarcity Index, I assign these a "2," meaning they are "rare." These don't come up for sale all that often. The seller claims they have never been folded. If you like ephemera like this - and who doesn't - don't let the three now up for auction slip by. 

OLD Halloween die cut perched owl against the moon Hallmark

This smallish perched owl diecut was made by Hallmark in the later 1940s. It was sold as one diecut of a boxed set of diecuts. (Hallmark didn't seem to have a standardized set of diecuts sold in their larger box, but seemed to have a varying assortment they sold over a handful of Halloween seasons.) You can see what the box looks like if you turn to page 164 of my new third edition. (Hallmark sold place cards in a smaller, otherwise identical box.) 

Pair Vintage Halloween Paper Bats Decor Diecuts Ephemera

Unfortunately, whomever the buyer was bought newly made items with no collectible value. The sad thing is that this seller was informed by a long-time collector in Pennsylvania that she was selling newly made items and mightily resisted this information. (I experience this phenomenon all the time, sadly...) Be sure to do your research before buying vintage Halloween memorabilia. Prices are high enough across the board that a little bit of time invested in education in our fun hobby will surely prevent you from buying such things. 


The Germans made at least three different sizes of their hyper-detailed, highly embossed, jointed skeleton diecuts, with this size, 50", almost never seen. I have one in the collection, but the thing is so massive that I found it impossible to have it photographed for the newly published third edition without the possibility of the diecut sustaining some damage. The ending price of $673.99 is quite aggressive. If you examine the bidding history, the piece likely would have ended ~$457 except for the determination of the underbidder. I feel that lower price is a sustainable value for this awesome piece. 

UNCOMMON Vintage Halloween Broomed Witch Old Diecut Decoration, Germany 1920s

This broomed witch German diecut brought a very strong $81, due exclusively to three determined bidders. The differences in this diecut are subtle enough that lots of collectors, including me, would take a quick look and move on certain that it was already part of our collections. Thankfully, ziz did her normal exemplary job in fully describing "Cassandra" so that the price ended a fair amount above guide. 

Rare 1920's Die Cut Halloween Decoration Germany Little Girl Devil Demon Antique

It is so great to see such rare and desirable objects begin to populate Ebay's un-patrolled vintage Halloween category! This German mini-diecut is one of an exceedingly rare set that many of my collecting friends have been struggling to complete for years. (Others to this set can be seen on page 185.) The condition of this she-devil seems to be pretty darn good, so I expect bidding to continue to be fierce. The current price is $90, but I'll be surprised if this sells for less than $250-300. If you like this miniature-sized diecut set, don't let this one slip by. 

08/18 Update: This exceedingly rare mini-diecut brought $317.57, about where I expected it to finish. You don't see pieces from this set too often made available for purchase. 

Box of VINTAGE 1920's Dennison HALLOWEEN Face on Leaf HALLOWE'EN Gummed Seals

This is a super slide box of rare Dennison seals. As this great seller points out, the box of six seals is replete with three each of two iterations. Dennison sold these boxes with each leaf iteration on the front to maximize and extend their product line. This design first appears in their 1924 Bogie Book and were sold with stock number H684. See both examples in the Decorations section, one on page 245 and the other on page 248. Guide value ranges from $180-200. 

08/18 Update: Wow, these brought a very strong price of $227.51, not surprising due to the cool image factor. This design, as well as its counterpart, are amongst my favorite of Dennison designs. 

vintage Halloween diecut

This is one of a set of three 3-D fold-out decorations Beistle made in the mid-1950s. (The other two can be seen on page 231.) These surface on a somewhat regular basis, but typically bring $150-225. This is a great example of how condition affects value. Instead of $150, due to someone carelessly ripping the one side, this only brought $32.99.