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Vintage Beistle Elves Fairies Halloween Party Hat, Honeycomb 1920’s

Whereas many things sold immediately after Halloween went for a pittance, a few items, like this one, brought strong results. The unifying theme of the stronger results is that the items tended to be manufactured by Beistle. Beistle made a set of these fairy-themed hats in 1923. When they surface in conditions similar to this one, they do bring top dollar. Sustainable guide value is $250. 

Vintage ca. 1960 Beistle Halloween Kit

The very high reserve price was met only because the prevailing bidder, a good friend of mine, wanted this badly as it rekindled a childhood memory of her mother purchasing an identical decorating kit. Except for this serendipitous circumstance for the seller, this surely wouldn't have met reserve, languishing well below half of the ending price.  


I'm so glad to see that this listing finally sold - if for no other reason that this seller listed and relisted the set for at least three years. Surely one of the reasons it took the seller so long to dispose of this set is because she was asking a very high price for items in not very good condition. I can't say that the buyer got a very good deal, but collectively we all did, as this listing has finally been put to rest. 

Old Vintage Halloween Diecut Die Cut Out Cardboard Witch EATS Sign Dennison 1930

This rare Dennison diecut was available for only two seasons beginning in 1930. The sub-genre of arrowed party sign diecuts is a small but desirable one I enjoy collecting. This is a compelling item as it has plenty of color and a not-so-unfriendly looking witch, so typical of Dennison's softer look during this time. Sustainable guide value for one in mint condition is $185. 

Even given its less than perfect condition, the prevailing bidder got a steal scooping this up for a mere $89. 

Happy Halloween!

This season has just whirled by much too quickly!

2014 seems to be the year of Beistle! Their items from the Golden Age have been routinely bringing jaw-dropping prices. I don't feel the prices are sustainable, but the sellers have certainly enjoyed offering their wares over these last several months. 

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