Additional Info/Errata

Additional Info and Errata for the 3rd Edition

(Updated 8/25/17)

(Please make a copy of this page and keep it with your book!)

I had an opportunity to chat via email with the last surviving son of the founder of Alberts Display and Novelty Company. He told me that his father, Philip Alberts, shut down the firm's operations in 1948. Their Halloween output was restricted to a period from ~1941-1946. Therefore, the dates attributed in the book to all items made by the Alberts Display and Novelty Company are slightly off. The correct date range would be ~1941-1946. Please see pages 29 and 58 where collectively three items made by the firm can be found. 

P. 19: At least one of the manufacturers of the Fortune Telling Favor Set was the J. Levinsohn Company of New York, NY. 

P. 116-117: I have concluded based on some information contained on the bottom of a Rosen Valentine Pops box that the Rosen mechanical and non-mechanical "Pops" boxes were not meant as retail countertop displays, but were actually sold to the end-consumer. (See the blog section of the site for more information.) 

P. 119: The items at the upper right are hat pin holders, not sugar shakers. 

P. 211: The manufacturing date of "1930s" for the trio of T. Cohn clickers at left, near the bottom was inadvertently omitted. 

P. 215: The manufacturing date of "1930s" for the tambourine at top left was misprinted as "193s." 

P. 215: The manufacturing date of "1930s" for the two tambourines shown at the bottom right was inadvertently omitted. 

P. 224: The Beistle reversible nut cups shown at middle left were sold with stock number 1865. 

P. 257: The cat and candle place card at the bottom left first appeared in Dennison's 1927 Price List pamphlet. 

P. 259: All of the Dennison nut cups at the bottom first appeared in their 1927 Price List pamphlet.