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Vintage Halloween Collectibles: A DVD Supplement is available as an adjunct to the second edition of my book: Vintage Halloween Collectibles: An Identification & Price Guide!

I am pleased to announce the availability of a DVD Supplement to the second edition of my book, Vintage Halloween Collectibles: An Identification and Price Guide.

This 65 minute DVD was shot in my home and has been professionally produced in HD for transfer to the DVD format. It shows a large number of items not included in my second edition in such diverse categories as Games, Diecuts, Table Decorations, German Candy Containers and Beistle Enveloped products.

For each item shown, I provide informed commentary complete with reference to my Relative Scarcity Index as well as current valuation. You will love it!!

Krause Publications released the greatly expanded and fully revised second edition of my book, Vintage Halloween Collectibles - An Identification and Price Guide, in June of 2007. It is 256 pages, shows over 1,600 items (nearly 400 of these new to this edition) all in full color, with the great majority of these items having never appeared in any of the other published works profiling a general array of vintage Halloween memorabilia.

All of the design elements so positively received by the marketplace are kept in the second edition. All of the pages are freshly laid out. Each professionally photographed item is fully captioned - including data such as the manufacturing country; manufacturing company; specific manufacturing marks when present; manufacturing dates; specific measurements to the nearest 1/4 inch; a relative scarcity index number; a current market value and additional notes on reproduction alerts, item iterations and other informative data. I have worked hard to greatly expand the specificity of the captioning with virtually every item attributed to a specific manufacturer.

The concise, factual text covers a number of topics, just one of which is the different marks and packaging used over the decades by exporting countries as well as domestic companies such as Beistle, Dennison, Gibson, Chein, US Metal Toy, T. Cohn, Kirchhof, Bugle Toy and others.

The research scholarship contained within the second edition of Vintage Halloween Collectibles greatly expands the boundaries of knowledge available to collectors, making this enhanced reference work a welcome addition to the libraries of collectors at all levels.

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I am selling both items, signed copies of my second edition plus the DVD, for one low price of $24.99, which includes media rate shipping! If you wish to use Paypal, add $1.35 to the total to cover their fee.

For those who wish to purchase only the DVD Supplement, the price is $14.99, which includes First Class shipping. If you wish to use Paypal, add 50 cents to the total to cover their fee.

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Thanks and Happy Halloween! MBL