2014 Third Edition

I would like to announce the publication of my new edition of Vintage Halloween Collectibles!

The 2014 third edition represents a thorough revising and a significant expansion of the 2007 second edition. You’ll see nearly 550 new photographs showing over 600 new items, all in full color. The page count has increased by nearly 50, with each and every of the third edition’s 301 pages freshly designed. This is not an example of simply slapping a new cover over stale material! The great majority of the new items shown have never appeared in any other works profiling a general array of vintage Halloween memorabilia.

I have retained those data-rich elements you have come to expect. Each professionally photographed item is fully captioned - including data such as the where the item was made, which company made it, when it was made, manufacturing marks, measurements to the nearest 1/4 inch, a Relative Scarcity Index number, a current market value and additional notes on reproduction alerts, item iterations and other informative data. I have worked hard to greatly expand the specificity of the captioning with virtually every item attributed to a specific manufacturer.

I was fortunate to have Matthew Kirscht not only design each page, making the layout more engaging and logical, but also to have him contribute supplemental artwork throughout the book that lends it a fresh look given his distinctive style. You won’t find generic clip art anywhere in this new edition.

The research scholarship contained within this third edition of Vintage Halloween Collectibles greatly expands the boundaries of knowledge available to collectors, making this enhanced reference work a must-have addition to the libraries of collectors at all levels.

Both softcover and hardcover versions are now available. Order now! (The attached image of the front cover has a “watermark” of my initials. Don’t worry, these initials don’t appear on the actual cover.)

Signed softcovers are $45, which includes domestic Media Rate shipping. Alternatively, if you’d like your softcover copy sent via domestic Priority Mail, the cost is $55. (If you are a California resident, please include an additional 8.25% or provide a valid CA resale number.)

Hardcovers have been limited to an edition of 100 copies. (Less than 40 are still available.) Each hardcover copy will be hand signed and numbered by me and will include a postcard drawn by Matthew Kirscht, hand signed and numbered by him, commemorating his involvement with the book. (The title of the postcard is The Deadline.) The postcards are also limited to an edition of 100. The number of the book and the number of the postcard sent will match and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Hardcovers are $125 which includes domestic Priority Mail shipping. When they’re gone, they’re gone for good. (If you are a California resident, please include an additional 8.25% or provide a valid CA resale number.)

I love personal checks or money orders, but if you wish to use Paypal, please do so without a fee, or simply add 3.25% to your total order to compensate for an unavoidable fee. Checks and money orders can be sent to my mailing address below; Paypal transfers to the email address listed below.

Mark B. Ledenbach
P.O. Box 2421
Orangevale, CA 95662

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