Fakes, etc.

I'll begin populating this page with photos of reproductions, fakes and fantasy items as I see them listed on eBay, Etsy and other such sites. Hopefully, collectors will refer to this page to minimize the occasions reproductions, fakes and fantasy items are unknowingly purchased. If you see something on this page that was sold to you purporting to be a vintage item, immediately send it back for a full refund. 


This isn’t the real deal. This game was reproduced a few years ago. This seems to be a better quality fake. Except for the copied graphics, nothing is right about it. The thickness of the box and its height are wrong, the lack of a manufacturer’s name (It should be Schacht Rubber Manufacturing Company.) is wrong, the laughably flimsy rings are wrong. Be on guard for fakes. This hobby is too expensive to waste money ignorantly.

03/15 Update: You have to love this seller. Once he learned that this item was a reproduction, he immediately ended the listing and relisted it as a reproduction - no fuss, no muss. He also had an excellent sense of humor about it. Read his verbiage in the relisting. It will bring a smile to your face. He writes: “I’d like to get $100 for it, but I’d also like to be dating Emmy Rossum.” You just have to appreciate there are still people in this world who approach situations that aren’t advantageous to them with a ready quip. Bravo!