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RARE Vintage Halloween 2-Sided Paper Mache Pulp Jack o' Lantern with Stem, 1950s

It isn't often that I scribble down my thoughts relative to pulp JOLs as I have never collected them. When I began scouring shops and such back in 1988, American pulp JOLs were so commonly seen that they never piqued my interest. Over the years, prices for this genre of items have progressed modestly. This result is definitely an exception. Yes, this particular form isn't seen as often as the others, but I still don't understand the result. I chalk it up to the stellar reputation the seller has cultivated over her many years of honing her savviness in the vintage Halloween arena. Cindy is a true delight and is someone I am proud to call my friend. I think the fact that she (and her omnipresent gold doily...) was selling this enhanced its value by a solid 75%.