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vintage Halloween party mechanical invitation The House of Fate

The seller says they cannot find this rare fortune card in any of their references. Well, they simply don't have the right reference since this card, along with four others from the set, is shown on page 195.  
This card comes from a series manufactured by Whitney in the early 1930s that they called The House of Fate. The cards are superbly designed with pull-away roofs containing the printed fortune. I believe that nine constitute the complete set, with three differing houses and roof styles. Since my second edition was published in 2007, I have augmented the set shown on page 195 by three. These House of Fate cards rarely surface and tend to go for far bigger bucks than indicated in the reference. If I were to ever update to a third edition, I would value each card in the set at no less than $75 in perfect condition, which this card is not. 

09/22 Update: Even given the limitations of condition, this House of Fate fortune card fetched $68.13.