Lot 99                1920s German Broomed Witch Diecut (Variant)
This heavily embossed diecut was made in Germany during the 1920s. It measures ~11” high by ~10.75" wide. This a variant I haven’t seen too often. It was produced from a different mold as the size is slightly smaller than is typical and the embossed “Germany” mark is found lower on the cape. Also, the end of the broom is straight across, quite different from the jagged edged brooms that are typical with this diecut. Lastly, the star pattern is different and the number of stars overall is fewer. The overall condition is very fine plus, with some wear to the white paint at the sleeves and to the point of the hat. Also, there is a visible line on the arms just below the hands. This doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the diecut. The easel is original.

RSIN: 2/Condition: 8+

Final: $185              Bidder #22