Lot 95                Hallowe’en Greetings 3-D Card
This exceedingly rare 3-D card was produced by an unknown manufacturer prior to the 1920s, probably prior to 1910. There are four designs known, and these four designs almost certainly comprise a full set. (Two are shown on page 286. The fourth design shows a pastoral scene featuring a scarecrow.) Prior to acquiring three of the four known designs, plus this duplicate, I had never seen them offered for sale before. In fact, I had seen them only in one collection among the hundreds of collections I’ve been lucky to peruse. The artist has signed his name to the right of the girl in the blue striped dress. It is E. von M. The card was meant to be placed on a flat surface. The front scene is connected to the rear scene. The original art seems to have been done in pastel, as the scene is gently colored. I appreciate the boy holding the parade lantern and their friend coming along dressed as a ghost carrying a fearsome lantern. The condition is near flawless. There is a soft bend where the lantern meets the ghost costume, visible in the photos. This doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the item. This is one of the best “small paper” items I’ve ever offered for auction.

RSIN: 1/Condition: 9+

Final: $350             Bidder #29