Lot 94                1920s German Lithoed-Paper-Over-Metal Noisemaker
This unusual noisemaker was produced in Germany during the 1920s, probably during the first half of that decade. The lithoed-paper image of a curious cat atop a sanguine JOL appears on both sides as near-mirror images of each other. The lithoed-paper is affixed over metal. Giving it a good shake causes a clapping noise to be made. I’ve only seen this twice in 30 years of collecting. It measures ~8” high by ~3” wide. The tip of one ear is missing. There is minor paper separation at the tail on one side. Pretty minor stuff considering how this was designed to be used. The colors are strong, although the camera makes them appear faded. It is marked on one side “Germany.”

RSIN: 1/Condition: 8

Current Bid: $125                 Bidder #79             FINAL