Lot 93                1916 Dennison JOLs on Table Place Card
This exceedingly rare place card first appeared in Dennison’s 1916 Bogie Book. They called it Pumpkins at Table and gave it a stock number of H3. This early Dennison artwork is simple yet stunning. The four JOLs have three different expressions: happy, surprised and chagrined. The black cat is precariously perched on one JOL and the table is festively strewn with leaves. I had been looking for this place card for decades. Recently, I found three all at once. (My head nearly spun off.) Naturally I retained one, the second I gave to some close friends and the third is now in the auction. This has never been used. The scored lines remain unfolded. The colors are bright and the item is wholly free from extraneous markings. It measures ~2.25” high by ~5.5” wide.

RSIN: 1/Condition: 9+

Final: $150             Bidder #29