Lot 90                Complete 1926 Dennison Boxed Set of Five Dancing Cat Cut-Outs
This rare complete box of 5 dancing cat cut-outs was produced by Dennison. It first appeared in their 1926 Price List pamphlet and was sold with stock number H412. This is considered one of their best larger-form-factor cut-out designs, probably due to the energy one gets looking at them! A complete box seldom surfaces. The box is complete with its slide tray and is free from extraneous writing and tape. The cut-outs are all in very-fine-plus to near-mint condition. One has a pinhole. The box measures ~5.25” high by ~4” wide. Bottom line this is a set that was gently used and stored away for decades. It would be hard to find a complete set in better condition.

RSIN: 2/Condition: 8+

Final: $325               Bidder #29